Our restaurant is vibrant with sophisticated features, it has colonial ambience of the ballroom which is Nestled in wall and window booths.
The Resort also offers spaciously appointed and elegantly furnished rooms outfitted with modern amenities to suit the needs of today’s traveler. We have nurtured our resort with a blend of all those ingredients that we believe are essential to providing a comfortable nest for guests looking to stay at Heritage hotel

Restaurant 1

It has a lounge Bar and a Coffee shop, which will be offering a choice of continental, Chinese and Indian cuisine


Restaurant 2

A part from the regular restaurant services here J convention and resorts concentrate on the Ethnicity of Telangana and serves special dishes of Telangana like…


Common and Popular Dishes from Telangana

The cuisine of Telangana is the spiciest of all Indian cuisines! Koora means curry and people relish both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes. Sajja rotte, makka rotte, uppudi (broken) rice, jonna rotte (sorghum), vankaya brinjal pulusu, arintikaya banana pulusu or vepudu, palakoora (spinach dish with lentils),boti, thunti koora (prepared using red sorrel leaves), sarva pindi (spicy pancake eaten for breakfast) are some popular dishes of the region.

Jowar roti, jowar ghatka, maize vadas (makka garelu) are staple breads eaten during meals. Vegetable curries include tomato kura, salla charu, dosakaya pappu, pachi pulusu among other dishes.

Non vegetarian dishes include kodi pulusu, mamsam (meat) vepudu. Other popular non vegetarian dishes are spicy mutton fry known as golichina mamsam, Telangana mutton curry, mutton pulao, kodi pulao, komzu pitta roast, talakaya kura, mutton liver fry and flavoured chicken curry known as oorru kodi pulusu.

Sweets and Savories in Telangana

Savories and snacks in Telangana state comprise of chakinalu or sakinalu (prepared during Makar Sankranti), garijelu cooked with sweet stuffing or even with mutton and chicken keema, madugulu, crispy pharda pheni etc. Bobbattu is a snack made from wheat or sooji and filled with lentils and jaggery. Ariselu is a sweet prepared using jaggery and rice.

Well, one of everyone’s favorite is chakodi snack! Boondi mithai can be commonly seen during festivals and auspicious occasions. These also make for a tasty evening snack!

Other sweets prevalent in Telangana include boondi laddu, rava laddu, ariselu, poornalu or boorelu, bhakshalu or bobbatlu (polelu), kakinada khaja, payasam, gavvalu, chakodi, sugar pongal or chakkera pongali and laskora undalu (coconut ladoo).

Other sweets which are as popular in Telangana are boondi, jeedilu, malai khaja, palathalikalu, ravva kesari, pappuchekka, kobbari lavuju, vannappalu and pootharekulu.

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