J Convention and Resort with below mentioned amenities.

It would have a unique concept of Eco-Friendly Resorts that blends traditional values together with all the modern amenities which balances the convenience of a 3-Star resort spread over 8 acres. It has the ambience of a heritage site and the ethnicity of Telangana.

It would have Two Restaurants offering distinct flavours – while one is Multi Cuisine Restaurant the other is more authentic offering you the traditional Telangana flavours.

It would also has 35 Luxury rooms (including 8 suits, 2 two bed room villas, 2 Honeymoon suites with open terrace, 7 cottages, 16 luxury rooms), which we like to focus on individuals and corporate and boast of an array of facilities. Needless to say we also provide facilities such as Spa, Beauty Salon (both Men and Women), Yoga, Gaming zone and a Helipad for the elite! We also have ample car parking.

What people like about usTESTIMONIALS

What can you do at the J Convention Club?J CONVENTION CLUB ACTIVITIES

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